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Mr. Mini Piggy

Mr. Mini Piggy isn’t for saving up money, he’s for saving memories, jewelry and an occasional secret or two. Instead of smashing him like his pops Mr. Piggy Bank, you can enjoy Mr. Mini over and over again with magnets that snap together the two Cube 3D Printed halves. The file will soon be up on Cubify where you can create an army of Mr. Minis at your home on your Cube 3D printer.

By the way, the handwritten OINK is by the lovely Enrica Masi. You can check out her amazing site here and also get her super mega ultra cute MASI FONT.


Trillion Case: Iphone 5

Structurally Stunning!

Part of FreshFiber’s new collection of 3D Printed iPhone 5 cases is the new Trillion designed by Alan Nguyen.

Inspired by lightweight spongy structures within the bone, a mesmerizing play of interwoven triangles, create a lightweight yet flexible structure that will keep you wondering how it’s made.

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Iphone Mashup Shoes

“A super fun project that allowed me to question the possibilities of fusing all three categories of Art, Fashion and Product Design with the use of 3D Printing.”

Commissioned by Freedom Of Creation for FreshFiber, this 3D Printed Mashup Shoe celebrates a collection of the most successful iPhone cases from FreshFiber.



A huge milestone for myself with the launch of my first Limited Edition design collaboration with NOOKA AND 3D SYSTEMS in 2013. Almost a year ago my relationship with NOOKA began with an introduction to Matt Waldman through a former colleague and kick ass friend Kellee Kimbro, who is currently a designer at NOOKA. We dreamt about a future collaboration mixing 3D Printing technologies and the prolific futurism of NOOKA’s design aesthetic and design thinking. Matt gave me total freedom to go wild on the bands. Below is the fruit of our fantastic design collaboration, a year in the making.

Ten  Limited Edition Watches featuring three signature Alan Nguyen 3D Printed Watch Bands.

  • [Honeycomb]Geometrically beautiful, the Honeycomb band is the classic digital
    structure of the future.
  • [Wave]Musical genius, the Wave band is inspired by the hypnotic movement of
  • [Trillion]The Trillion band is inspired by a thousand billion triangles, interlinked
    to create a mesmerizing form.