Art in our everyday life

Art is everywhere. A cliché, but always drives the point. Anywhere you look at could be considered as art. Whether it is a moving object, or a stationary one, one could always find art in it. Colors and poses are not the only things that define art. It is how people see it if they’d REALLY look.


Art in our everyday life

Art according to the dictionary is the “expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” This implies that art is simply the manifestation of one’s personality – the outcome of one’s effort to channel his/her talents to be seen by others. So, the task as simple as choosing the décor of your home, or choosing the appropriate garage doors to come with it is an art itself.

As such, it is of high importance for one to choose every little detail well.


Alan Nguyen and the 3D art

In this page, we focus on the ever dynamic art of Alan Nguyen.

Alan Nguyen is one of the budding and most look-up-to artist at present. He is known for his futuristic art and expertise in digital fabrication. He creates pieces that are innovative, and was never seen before. His works are aesthetically appealing without compromising its meant to be function in the human realm. Due to his brilliance in coming up with new ideas, his works are showcased world over.

Try for instance his love for fluorescent colors that is manifested in his Gradient. The color combination in this piece of art is simply relaxing to look and beautiful as a décor to any type of plain walls.

In collaboration with Nooka, Alan Nguyen also created a limited Valentine edition red and white honeycomb and wave band in 3D. This could be presented as a watch that looks like a flower, without the downside of wilting.

Other 3D arts made by Alan Nguyen that aids with the everyday living is the faceted rex hanger. This is a sculpture like 3D model made to serve as a hanger holder. With its unique design which looks like a T-Rex with its mouth hanging open to hold your bags or accessories, this would also serve as a nice décor against any wall. Ripple chair is another great addition to your home furnitures especially if you are after the 80’s vintage look. While 3D Printed Sugar Animals are a great partner for your coffee, tea or milk any time of the day.

Alan Nguyen is also known to influence fashion with his fashion-forward shoes and accessories that could fit well at any occasion. His Iphone Mashup Shoes and the Trillion bag are perfect examples.

Alan Nguyen also take into consideration the need of other people. This is most especially to people who suffer from natural disasters and man-made ones. He comes up with a benefit and art auctions where a part of the proceeds would do straight to the victims. A perfect artist through and through.

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