Alan Nguyen’s Art Installations

Fairly recently, Alan Nguyen has engaged in another type of art — that of creating public installations. In fact, he has redefined the concept of a public space by creating works of art and integrating it with the look and feel of parks and other recreational areas.

The great thing about Nguyen’s art installations is the fact that they can be quite colorful and out of this world. And the designs are very unique from each other. These make his installations truly stand out. Nguyen draws his inspiration from a lot of things, mostly from his imagination of a sci-fi world where everything is bright, fancy and bold.

In terms of materials, Nguyen fuses several things. He uses scraps of metal, aluminum, vinyl, plastics and cardboard. He will even buy garage springs to use in his creations. Nguyen’s styles can be incredibly eclectic and fascinating. His goal really is to pique the interest of the viewers in order to get them to stop and really think about the messages of his creations. Each of his art installations contain very specific messages which revolve around the theme of climate change.

Here are just some of Nguyen’s very recent art installations:

The Future of Fashion in Central Park, New York

Located just in the middle of Central Park is Nguyen’s very first art installation. Made from scraps of plastic, vinyl and textiles, the goal of this piece is to show how much the world of fast fashion contributes to climate change. This piece, with its very striking design and bold colors, is actually a series of images. It shows the concept of fashion, the use of unsustainable textiles, the contribution of fashion to landfills and so on, all driving home the point that the fashion industry must clean up its act and ensure sustainability.

The Plague of Plastics in Tampa, Florida

Right in the middle of a Florida beach is Nguyen’s ode to saving the world’s oceans. Fashioning metal scraps and plastics into whales and fishes with bellies and mouths full of plastics, Nguyen attempts to show how our plastics and wastes invade the world’s oceans and end up killing our aquatic resources. It attempts to shock and awe the viewers so that they are spurred into action. Nguyen’s art in Tampa has actually achieved its intended results, with groups and the government initiating coastal clean-up programs.

The Killing Fields of E-Wastes in Houston, Texas

Right smack in the bustling city of Houston is Nguyen’s tribute to the ill-effects of e-waste. Here, he created an art installation of used car batteries, used mobiles and old gadgets, all forming a brutal looking green e-waste monster that seems to raze an entire city to waste. His goal is to show how much the latest gadgets contribute to hazards in the environment that harms the health and well-being of people.

All in all, Nguyen’s new art direction challenges and shocks people into seeing the actual realities that are currently being felt on the environment.