Getting Up Close and Personal with Alan Nguyen

Alan plays with 3D printers all day, dreams of 3D Printng a life size clear T-Rex and loves heavily saturated bright awesome fantastic Neon/Fluoro colors.

Originally from Houston, Texas now living in Amsterdam; He is a Product Designer at Freedom Of CreationFreshFiber and Cubify.

Delving deeper

Futuristic designer and digital fabrication expert. These three words fully embody the brilliance and beauty of Alan Nguyen.

Alan Nguyen graduated with a Magna Cum Laude distinction at the University of Houston’s Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture in 2010 where he received his Bachelor’s of Agriculture. He went on to study Industrial Design under Eunsook Kwon at the University of Houston before relocating to the Netherlands to work with pioneering 3D printing design agency, Freedom of Creation.

During his time at Freedom of Creation Alan created a portfolio of innovative new 3D printed products and was heavily involved in developing the infrastructure that will allow for the democratisation of 3D printing technologies alongside working with prestigious and pioneering companies around the world, Alan Co-Founded SPACE JUNK where he works with cutting edge technology and collaborates with amazing and extremely passionate people realizing beautiful and exciting work new products and experiences.

He was able to make himself an expert in design for 3D printing and dreams of 3D printing a life size, transparent T-Rex that is admirable for people of all walks of life. His designs are unique and eye-catching that would make you take a second look even from afar. It never fails to elicit a response from passers-by that make them stop to admire. All in all, it epitomizes a beauty in its aesthetics that was never before.

Alan is an also an extreme advocate for following your heart and pursuing everything possible to achieve your dreams. This is manifested through the unrivaled beauty of his products.